Green Maengda Super


Green 80% White 20%

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This Kratom is regarded as the strongest Kratom available in the market. It provides an individual with mood enhancing and energy boosting effects. It provides an individual with calm and peaceful effects. It is a native to Thailand and has visible green vain in the leaves of it. Due to this fact, it has gotten this name. It helps the consumers to experience psychological boost. In order to get rid of a number of negative emotions, such as frustration, depression, and anxiety, individuals can consider consuming it. However, this strain comes with some side effects. Blabbering is such a side effect associated with the consumption of it. If you consider consuming it, then you will not be able to avoid this side effect. However, the consumption of it by maintaining proper dosage can help an individual to experience limited side effects. It is a mild energy booster. If you find yourself in such a condition where you are required to consume something that will help you to get the energy level high, then you can consider consuming it. In order to groom your personality and enhance your level of confidence, then you can consider consuming this Kratom.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)