Green Malay


Green 70% White 20% Red 10%

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Green Malay strain is a strong Kratom that is derived from Malaysia. The effects of this Kratom can be found in elevating the mood of consumers. If you want to experience analgesic effect, then it is better not to consume this particular strain as it does not have the ability to provide this effect. However, it helps consumers to experience balanced effects. If you consider consuming it by maintaining proper dosage, then you will experience calmness. This Kratom is known as super green Kratom as it comes with superior qualities in comparison to others. This has the ability to power up the mood of the consumers. It helps consumers to get energizing and refreshing vibes. After spending a long busy day, if you find yourself in such a state where making the consumption of something to boost the energy is necessary, then you can consider consuming this particular one. It is effective in encouraging the mental functions of individuals. It helps an individual to get indulged in innovative activities. For writers, artists and others who are involved in innovative works, this is a perfect Kratom to be consumed. As it suits everyone, inexperienced users of Kratom can consider making the consumption of it.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)