Green Sumatera


Green 70% Red 15% White 15%

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Are you suffering from immense stress? Is the failure in life causing you to get depressed? If the answers are yes, then you can consider consuming Green Sumatera. It is n effective Kratom to help an individual in getting rid of all of the negative feelings. People who are suffering from energy related issues can consider making the consumption of this one as it as an effective energy booster. Individuals, after spending a long busy day, can consider using it as it will help them to get energy at that moment. It can be regarded as an effective mood booster. Individuals who want to experience happiness and uplifted effects can consider consuming it as it will help them to control mood swings. For getting rid of pain, this Kratom can be used. However, it is important to consume the strain by maintaining proper dosage/. Otherwise, it will cause an individual to experience some negative effects, such as dizziness, dry mouth and others. Both experienced and inexperienced users can consider using it. However, for inexperienced users, it is important to check how the body responses to its consumption first. If it can be found that it suits their physical and mental status, then they can consider continuing the use of it.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)