Red Bali


Red 70% White 30%

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This is a favourite kratom of a number of individuals. This kratom have gained an immense popularity among new as well as experienced users of kratom. In comparison o other strains, this particular one has some unique effects and it has caused this strain to become this much popular. It helps users to experience a number of positive effects. People who are suffering from pain and anxiety can consider consuming it as it has already gained a great popularity as pain and anxiety reliever. It is found to be stronger than normal strains as it has potency and consistency as well. This strain can be consumed as mood enhancer, pain reliever, and anxiety reliever. After spending a long hectic day, people can make the consumption of it in order to feel relaxed. As it is regarded as a potent strain, individuals are prohibited to consume too much at their first try. In this situation, taking 1 or 2 gram of this strain is the best option as it will help a new user to understand how their body react after making the consumption of this strain. If you consider taking too much, there is s huge possibility that you will end up feeling horrible.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)