Red Maengda Super


Red 80% White 20%

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Red Maengda Super is one of the most popular Kratom strains. This Kratom is highly potent and offers individuals to experience its effects within the shortest possible time of consumption. Individuals who spend busy life and need something to cope up with their busy schedule can consider consuming this strain. In order to stimulate the mood, individuals can consume it. This strain can be regarded as a good pain reliever. Individuals who are facing difficulties related to the chronic pain can consider consuming it in order to get rid of the difficulties. This Kratom comes with the quality of helping individuals in enjoying euphoric effects. This Kratom is requires to be consumed in empty stomach. As the effect of it is potent, individuals are required to consume it in low dosage. It helps an individual to experience long lasting effects, and you can enjoy the best effects of it even when consuming the smallest amount. If you are an individual requires something to get energy at the beginning of a day, then this strain can be the best option for you. It is effective in stimulating the energy level of an individual.  Individuals who are suffering from an immense depression can consider consuming it as it I an effective depression fighter.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)