Red Malay


Red 70% White 20% Green 10%

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During a number of years, advocates are found arguing out the effects and history of this Malaysian strain. However, this Kratom has powerful potential for addiction. That is why a number of individuals want it to get banned. However, among the experienced users of Kratom, the demand of this Kratom is high. For individuals who are suffering from stress and anxiety, this Kratom is the best one to be used as it comes with a significant relaxing effect. With the consumption of it, individuals have a chance to find them happy and highly confident. It is a good strain to promote your performance quality as it can help an individual to get high level of confidence. It causes an individual to become positive. In order to become much more energetic, individuals can consider consuming it. It is a good pain killer. Individuals who are suffering from chronic pain can consider consuming it as this Kratom is a good pain reliever. It causes an individual to get rid of pain as it does not affect the energy level of an individual negatively. For individuals who are suffering from insomnia can consider consuming it. This is a perfect Kratom to help an individual in falling asleep.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)