Red Sumatera


Red 70% Green 15% White 15%

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This Kratom is produced by using young leaves and has the ability to help you in coping up with your rotational schedule. When the matter comes to feeling relaxed and happy, this Kratom can be the best one to be consumed. However, this is not the best one to be used when the situation required you to be focused. In order to get rid of moderate and severe pain, individuals can consider consuming it. This Kratom is effective to help individuals to get rid of pain. This Kratom is harvested, grown, and dried by using the traditional Southeast Asian style. It provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy powerful and effective result. This is an unique supplement that has become able to gain huge popularity among Kratom lovers. As it come with some extraordinary properties, it is easy to differentiate this strain from others. After spending a along hectic day, you can consider consuming it in order to feel relaxed and get rid of all of the stress you have gone through. It comes with euphoric effect and cause an individual to feel uplifted and happy. For new users of Kratom, it is better to consume it at the lowest dosage.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)