White Dragon


White 70%  Red 30%

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This is a pure Indica strain that has been developed by making the cross of Northern Lights and an Afghani. That is why the effect of this strain is highly potent. Individuals who are interested in experiencing some relaxing effects after spending a stressful day can consider consuming it. It helps an individual to feel happy and euphoric. After making the consumption of this strain, individuals can find them hungry. That is why it is advised to prepare some foods before making the consumption of this strain. It has the ability to provide an individual with tingly effect. In order to get rid of pain and stress, individuals can consider consuming it. It helps an individual to get rid of sleepless nights as it is an effective remedy on insomnia. In order to combat depression and headaches, this is a good strain to be used. However, some negative effects are associated with the consumption of it. It can cause an individual to experience dry eyes, dry mouth and dizziness. It can also cause an individual to become paranoid and anxious. In order to avoid these side effects, individuals are required to consume it by maintaining proper dosage.

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16oz (half kilo), 32oz, 8oz (quarter kilo)